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Pompa RESUN PC 18000 | Pompa RESUN PC 36000

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RESUN PUMP | POMPA AIR | POWER HEAD | SUBMERSIBLE PUMP | WATER PUMP | RESUN PUMP | POMPA AIR | POWER HEAD | SUBMERSIBLE PUMP | WATER PUMP | RESUN PUMP | POMPA AIR | POWER HEAD | SUBMERSIBLE PUMP | WATER PUMP RESUN PUMP PC series PC series Super High Performance Water Pump with Super Low Energy PC Pump series is designed with the latest technology for a large water drainage with a super-efficient power consumption. Equipped THERMAL PROTECTION overload that work automatically when the engine is too hot then the pump will automatically stop and work back after missing the heat pump cleaned and within 30 minutes. These pumps do not require special treatment and free of oil, but need periodic maintenance and cleaning. It is suitable for fish ponds, ornamental fish breeding and consumption, fishing, household and industrial purposes, draining, filling or removal of water quickly and others. Very useful in places limited electrical power and reduce the cost of production. 9.5 meter long cable which is available to avoid the extra connection. Pipe exit can be replaced or added as needed. PC-18 000 Watt : 90 watt Super Saver Power lift : 3 meters Max. Output : 18 000 liters / hour Outlet Pipe out : 3 inch Cable : 9.5 meters PC-36 000 Watt : 280 watt Super Saver Power lift : 5 meters Max. Output : 36 000 liters / hour Outlet ( Pipe exit) : 4 ¼ inch Cable : 9.5 meters Features: • Overload THERMAL PROTECTION pump stops automatically when too hot and will function normally again after the heat subsided • circulation pump with the lowest power consumption on the market • large-diameter pipe exit with a high flow rate • Installation of flexible and safe to use • emptying out the water easily and quickly • Low power and long service life • Make like natural rapids and waterfalls Application: • Housing • The pool, pond, fishing etc. • Livestock and ornamental fish consumption • Aquaculture • Swimming pool • artificial Jeram